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Hg Points of View

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Lawyer's View
Dentist's View
Need For Studies
Physician's View
ADA's View
Citizen's  View
Pro Amalgam Dentist
Psychiatrist View
NCAFH & Amalgam

Different View Points on the Safety and Use of Mercury Amalgam


  • Amalgam Debate - A Lawyer's View

    • By Christopher A. Bomba


  • The Mercury in Your Molars is Safe. Right?

    • By Wesley E. Shankland, II, DDS, MS, PhD


  • Science and Safety of "Silver Fillings"


  • The Safety of Dental Amalgam

    • By Richard F. Mascola, D.D.S.,
      President, American Dental Association


  • The Fallacies of Statutory Informed Consent (pertaining to amalgam installation)

    • By G. Scott Crowther




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