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Autistic Children Show Improvement With Detoxification

From LabBoss.com http://www.labboss.com/viewnews.asp?nid=604

HOOD RIVER, Ore.--(BW HealthWire)--April 26, 2002--Parents of autistic children who suspect heavy metal toxicity as a contributor to their child's condition may find a nontoxic oral clathration agent will perform as well as or better than typically used chelating agents, according to a report in the nationally respected consumer journal, The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living.

The report details the experience of a Troy, Michigan, couple whose child was diagnosed with autism that may have resulted from or been exacerbated by such toxicity. The couple notes that the oral clathration agent proved to be as more effective than their son's DMSA/DMPS treatments, yet without side effects.

Autistic children may be prescribed dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) or dimercaptopropane sulfonate (DMPS) if heavy metal toxicity is suspected. However, the oral clathration agent increased their child's heavy metal output by two to three times (as measured by urinalysis). The couple is quoted as telling the publication, "In two months, we had the same benefits with PCA-Rx and ionic minerals as using DMSA for an entire year. Also, unlike DMSA, PCA-Rx will not chelate beneficial minerals, one reason it is less stressful to the child's body."

"This information is important to parents of autistic children," notes publisher and editor David Steinman. "Many of the treatments afforded to children have some toxicity associated with them and stress the child. Based on our current report and past reports, we believe that oral clathration is certainly an option that parents should know about."

Steinman notes that while conventional oral chelation therapy may be described as one dimensional, oral clathration is a three-dimensional process. In this case, specifically sequenced glycoproteins and peptides form a lattice or inclusion complex and multiple receptor sites attach to a toxic molecule with irreversible bonds, literally wrapping around the toxic substance to prevent additional reactions with tissues or organs as it is eliminated from the body.

Unlike the ionic bond utilized to transport metals from the body with chelation, clathration utilizes ionic, covalent and hydrogen bonds. Not one but three major types of bonds at multiple points are created.

"The product, PCA-Rx, has a very high bonding affinity for heavy metals," notes Steinman. "Most toxins or heavy metals that attach to cell receptors do so in a manner that is competitively reversible, so if molecules like those in PCA-Rx come along with greater affinity, the toxins can be dislodged from the receptors. Because of the formula's tremendous affinity for heavy metals, this is an improvement over chelation therapy, which has a much more difficult time removing heavy metals from cell receptors."

"We want parents of autistic children and groups dedicated to helping such children and adults to know about oral clathration because it is a viable and important option," adds Steinman.

He adds, "Few proven treatments are available to autistic children. What we do know is that heavy metal toxicity may sometimes be part of the pathology. Testing for heavy metal burden is essential. PCA-Rx has been successfully used with autistic children to safely accelerate detoxification. While additional clinical studies are desired, we know that PCA-Rx is safe and efficacious. It is an important healing pathway that parents of autistic children should know about."

Steinman, a nationally recognized consumer advocate, is available for interviews and may be contacted at 800/959-9797.

Lisa Williams, 541/387-4500

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